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The Political Pop-In event is an opportunity for the Blount Partnership membership and community to mingle with elected officials and political candidates in a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, COVID-19 inhibited us from hosting an in-person event.

It is important to the Blount Partnership that candidates that are on the August 6 ballot have every opportunity to get their message out to the public. Because of this, we have allowed candidates on the ballot the opportunity to record a 2-3 minute message about their platforms and what they plan to accomplish if elected. Below are the ones that participated. 

We also remind you to please vote in the August 6 primary. You can view a sample ballot and polling locations here.

Political Pop-In Sponsors:
These sponsors in no way endorse any of the following candidates. These videos are for informational purposes to give people an opportunity to hear from all candidates.

Event Sponsor:

Tiered Sponsors: Arconic, MB Consulting, Shanks & Associates, ATMOS Energy, C2RL, CBBC Bank, Pinnacle Financial Partners

Natisha Brooks, U.S. Senate candidate

Dr. Byron Bush, U.S. Senate candidate

Bill Hagerty, U.S. Senate candidate

Jon Henry, U.S. Senate candidate

Robin Kimbrough Hayes, U.S. Senate candidate

James Mackler, U.S. Senate candidate

David Schuster, U.S. Senate candidate

Dr. Manny Sethi, U.S. Senate candidate

Jay Clark, State House of Representatives District 8 candidate

Jerome Moon, State House of Representatives District 8

Tim Burchett, U.S. Representative TN-2nd District

Renee Hoyos U.S. House of Representatives District 2 candidate

Bob Ramsey, State House of Representatives District 20

Bryan Richey, State House of Reps. District 20 candidate

Susan Sneed, State House of Reps. District 20 candidate


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