Local Legislative Agenda

2018 Blount County Chamber of Commerce
Local Legislative Agenda

Education & Workforce Development

  • Protect the higher academic rigor and realistic scores implemented by the State Board of Education and insist on thorough updates from the First to the Top Advisory Council.
  • Support the reforms in the Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010 supporting two and four year institutions in its implementation.
  • Reject any proposal to allow for the election of directors of schools.
  • Oppose the mandatory merger of school systems within Tennessee counties and mandatory school start dates.
  • Support legislative action that would allow insurance protection to employers in regards to internships for students under 18 years of age.
  • Support flexibility in high school curriculum in regards to University path or Technical path to allow students the specific skills they need to enter the workforce or secondary education.
  • Work with local governments and businesses to construct a new Blount County Workforce Development Center on the Pellissippi State Blount County Campus.


Support Completion of Pellissippi Parkway to Highway 321 - TDOT proposes to extend and construct Pellissippi Parkway from SR 33 to SR 73 (US 321). The completion of Pellissippi Parkway is approximately 4.4 miles. The project was included in TEA-21 as a high priority project. 

Support completion of Alcoa Highway - The Alcoa Highway project consists of four different projects. The Blount Chamber supports the completion of the entire project which serves as the most direct route from Knoxville to McGhee Tyson Airport in Blount County. All projects will widen the existing road to three lanes in each direction. Specifically, the Chamber supports the redesigned Alcoa Parkway section of the highway located in Blount County. The portions of SR-115 and SR-335 to the proposed interchange at McGee Tyson Airport would be widened to eight lanes. The proposed section is 5.5 miles in length. 

Support funding for the completion of the Knox/Blount County Greenway to Townsend. 

Support efforts to bring low cost air carriers to McGhee Tyson Airport. 

Fiscal Policy

Support continued county and city budget allocations to the Industrial Development Board for purposes of recruiting new industry to Blount County.

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