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Real property tax, personal property tax, and sales taxes are the only local levies made. There are no separate taxes for schools, hospitals, or other improvements.


Blount County Property Tax Rates

   Residential Real  Business Real  Business Personal
 Blount County     $2.47 per $100@25%     $2.47 per $100@40%     $2.47 per $100@30%    
 Alcoa  $2.27 per $100@25%  $2.27 per $100@40%  $2.27 per $100@30%
 Maryville  $2.27 per $100@25%  $2.27 per $100@40%  $2.27 per $100@30%

Property assessments are calculated at current market value. Residents of Maryville and Alcoa pay city and county property tax.

Property value x .25 = Taxed Value/100 x Tax Rate = Owed Tax

Real Property
Property value x .4 = Taxed Value/100 x Tax Rate = Owed Tax

Personal Property
Property value x .3 = Taxed Value/100 x Tax Rate = Owed Tax

Source: Tennessee Department of Revenue


Sales Tax

Local Sales Tax - 2.75% 
State Tax - The sales tax rate on food is 4%. The general sales tax rate for most tangible personal property and taxable services 7%. A few products and services such as aviation fuel or telecommunication services have different tax rates.


In Blount County, your utilities connection is not always determined by your address; however, that is always a good place to start in determining who to call for connection. If you are a renter, ask your landlord. If you are a new homeowner, ask your real estate agent.


Alcoa Electic Department
725 Universal St.
Alcoa, TN 37701
Needed: Two forms of identification, plus rental documents if not the owner of the property. If a new homeowner, it's always good to bring your closing papers.

Fort Loudon Electric Cooperative
116 Tellico Port Road
Vonore, TN 37885
Needed: Driver's license, social security card.

City of Maryville
412 W. Broadway Ave.
Maryville, TN 37801
Needed: Two forms of identification, plus rental documents if not the owner of the property.

Sevier County Electric System
315 E. Main St.
Sevierville, TN 37862
865.983.4065 in Townsend
Needed: If renting or mobile/manufactured home owner on rented lot, bring the lease agreement and photo identification. If home owner, bring official documentation from the title company and photo identification.


Alcoa Utilities
223 Associates Blvd.
Alcoa, TN 37701
865.380.4700 after hours
Needed: Photo identification or two forms of identification and the address of new location; Renters need identification and a rent receipt or lease agreement.

South Blount County Utility District
808 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37801
Needed: Identification and proof of ownership, if owner of property; Renters, identification and lease agreement.

Natural Gas

Atmos Energy
Needed: Driver's license number, social security number or other federal or state identification. Utility letters of credit are accepted in lieu of deposits. 

Telephone & Cable Companies

Most cable, satellite and phone companies offer bundled packages to customers in Blount County, depending on upon area of residence. Check to see whether you are served by the following providers.

AT&T -- 888.757.6500
Needed: Social security number and address where service is desired

Charter -- 888.438.2427
Needed: Social security number

Comcast -- 800.266.2278
Needed: Social security number

DIRECTV -- 888.777.2454
Needed: Social security number and a valid Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card.

Dish Network -- 888.236.2202
Needed: Social security number and a credit or debit card.

Frontier Communications -- 855.213.1773
Needed: Social security number and a credit or debit card.



The cities of Alcoa and Maryville provide their residents with garbage pick-up. County residents should obtain garbage services through private companies or utilize the sanitary landfill. For private garbage pick-up in the county click here for a list of Blount Chamber members.



Vehicle & License Information

License Tags/Vehicle Registrations

A new resident of Tennessee must obtain a license plate for each motor vehicle within 30 days. To purchase a license tag, a Tennessee title must be obtained. Both may be purchased at the County Clerk's Office in the courthouse 865-273-5800 or in the Clerk's Office located in Foothills Mall beside Sears 865-273-5800. Cost is $24. Renewal of auto tags are available at the County Clerk's Office in the Courthouse, Foothills Mall location, at the drive-thru located at the entrance to the Blount County Library or renew tags on-line.

Driver's License

Incoming residents of Tennessee must obtain a driver's license within 30 days after residency is established. If you already hold another state's license, then you must take the eye test. Application and test are given in Blount County Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at 318 Home Avenue, Maryville 865-981-2359.  Click for more information

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