Animal Control and Welfare

Blount County Animal Shelter - 865.980.6244

Established in 2009, the Blount County Animal Shelter is located at the Blount County Animal Center complex, 223 Currie Ave., Maryville. The shelter holds both stray and surrendered pets and euthanizes them only if absolutely necessary, like for public danger, injured beyond healing or behavioral issues. Stray animals without tags are held for three days before being available for adoption. Animals with tags are held for five days before being available for adoption. Stray hunting dogs are held for seven days before being available for adoption. 

Blount County Humane Society - 865.382.7652

The Blount County Humane Society is a non-profit organization aimed at making Blount County a no-kill community by building and supporting a safe shelter for dogs and cats. The humane society has pets available for adoption and also has a fostering program set up for pets awaiting to be adopted. Located at 1005 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville, the humane society also works to prevent animal cruelty and helps local residents track down lost pets.

Animal Rescue Networks

The Animal Rescue and Fostering Networks in Maryville is the East Tennessee branch of a national pet adoption agency called The group facilitates pet adoption and fostering. The adoption process includes an application with a veterinary or character reference.

Some Local Laws

  • All Dogs must be on a leash when in a public area, park or public property where signs are posted requiring a leash.
  • Noisy dogs are prohibited. Noisy dogs are defined as "any dog which disturbs the peace and quiet of others by loud and frequent barking, whining or howling. A dog shall be deemed in violation of this section if it barks, whines or howls continuously for a period in excess of one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Dogs and cats are not allowed in any room where food is prepared, processed, stored, sold or consumed in any restaurant or other food service establishment located in Blount County.
  • The owner of any stray animal wearing a tag that's picked up by animal control will be notified and have to claim their pet within five days or the pet will be put up for adoption. Any stray animal picked up by animal control without a tag can be adopted after three days.
  • The owners of stray hunting dogs with tags will be notified and have 24 hours to pick the dog up and pay a fee if the dog hasn't been spayed or neutered.
  • Fines for breaking any of the above, or additional county laws range from $50 to $500.
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