Membership Event



396 members, $328,290
Chairs: Bob Booker, Dave Bennett, Chris Soro, Joe Huff, Rick Hudolin, Jason Brooks, Tom Hatcher, Justin Marcus, Jennifer Wackerhagen, Kathy Johnson, Keeli Boyce, Jackie Mills
Award Recipients
Godfaddah: Dave Bennett, Cherokee Millwright
Godmuddah: Jackie Mills, Jackie Mills Realty
Godmuddah in Training: Robyn Blair, Tracy Queen
Goodfellas: Jason Brooks, Kathy Johnson, Joe Huff, Bob Booker, Tom Hatcher, Keeli Boyce, Fran Bennett, Jackie Mills, Chris Soro
Sandbag King: David Shanks
Cheatin’ Queen: Jackie Mills


276 members, $164,100
Chairs: Chris Soro, George Quarles, Joe Tipton, Brian Tuggle, Bob Booker, Gaynell Lawson, Dave Bennett, Tony Thompson, Greg Wilson, Tom Bogart, Virginia Hardwick, David Talley, Aaron Snukals, Joy Bishop
Award Recipients
Godfaddah: Bob Booker, DENSO
Godmuddah: Kathy Johnson, CBBC
Goodfellas: Dave Bennett (Cherokee Millwright), Joy Bishop, Dr. Tom Bogart (Maryville College), Bob Booker (DENSO), Virginia Hardwick (Staffing Solutions), Gaynell Lawson (CBBC), George Quarles (Maryville High School), Aaron Snukals (Second Harvest Food Bank), Chris Soro (C2RL), David Talley (LeConte Realty), Tony Thompson (Pinnacle Financial Partners), Joe Tipton (Twin City Dealerships), Brian Tuggle (Personal Care Choices) and Greg Wilson (First Tennessee Bank)
Big Dawgs (sold six or more): Kathy Johnson, David Shanks, Chris Denny, Steve Garner, Bob Booker, Jackie Mills, Chris Jenkins, Lucy Bowser
Sold 4 or More Memberships: Matthew Bryan, Ben Pinnell, Barry Brooke, Donna Tallent, Angela Gamble, Drew Milsaps, Trevis Gardner
Most Enthusiastic: Watermelon Group (Captain Kathy Johnson, Novella Johnson, Mindy Boudreaux, Andy Sneed, Suzie Cutshaw, Jay Blevins, Karen Stiles)
Biggest Party Animals: Orange Group (Virginia Hardwick)
Most Competitive Group: Black Group (Bob Booker)
Top Cheatin’ King in Your Chamber Connection History: Dave Bennett
Top Individual: Bob Booker
Top Team: Steve Garner
Top Chair Group: Mega Group


333 members, $161,800
Chairs: Randy Massey, Bob Booker, Mark Johnson, Don Heineman, David Jordan, Joe Bruce, Boyce Smith, Greg McClain, Ed Mitchell, Rick Shepherd, Steve West, Chris Soro, Michelle Hankes
Award Recipients
Godfaddah: Chris Soro, C2RL, Inc.
Godmuddah: Connie Huffman, Blount Memorial Hospital
Goodfellas: Greg McClain, Steve West, Joe Bruce, Boyce Smith, Dave Bennett, Michelle Hankes
Badda Boom Badda Bing: Chamber Staff
Big Dawgs: Ben Pinnell, Chris Flynn, Mara Sunderland, Kathy Johnson, Gary Holloway, Lucy Bowser, Steve Garner, Steve West, Joe Bruce
Sold 4 or More Memberships: Jerome Moon, Darren Stinnett, Phyllis Crisp, Melissa Burns, Tom Hatcher, Steve Stout, Dave Bennett, Mark Loudermilk, Josh Knight, Gaynell Lawson, Barry Brooke, Tab Burkhalter
Best Attendance: The Watermelon Group and the Green Group
Most Enthusiastic: The Watermelon Group
Most Competitive Group: The Watermelon Group
Outrageous Cheatin King: Randy Massey and Dave Bennett
Top Cheatin Group: The Black Group

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