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Maryville, Tenn. – With the help of Your Chamber Connection and nearly 300 volunteers, the Blount Partnership brought in 387 new and upgraded memberships while generating $166,420 for the Chamber of Commerce at Alumni Gym on the Maryville College campus. 

Both totals are records for Chambers in the state of Tennessee which have participated in the program, while ranking second nationally all-time, trailing only Springfield, Mo., totals of 475 members and $201,691. 

“This was an awesome event that turned out better than we imagined,” said Bryan Daniels, Blount Partnership president and CEO. “The enthusiasm from everyone was really electric and contagious. Each session got better and better while the teams competed tirelessly to outdo one another. Reaching out to this many new people and business can only expand our influence and presence in the region. 

“A special thanks goes out to the team chairs Randy Massey, Chris Soro, Michelle Hankes, Mark Johnson, Greg McClain, Ed Mitchell, Joe Bruce, Boyce Smith, Steve West, Bob Booker, Rick Shepard, and Connie Huffman. Without those people buying in to what the Chamber is doing and selling it to their team members, this would not be possible.” 

The three-day event culminated with an awards party in which participants were recognized for their outstanding efforts in bringing teams of volunteers together. Those winners are listed below.


Blount County Chamber of Commerce volunteers ask others to "join the party" during membership event


Volunteers Recruit New Members for Blount Partnership 
Chamber of Commerce's Membership Event Proves Successful 
Chamber Event A High Energy Affair 
'It's About Us' - Blount Chamber Volunteers Set New Member Records 

Day One Photo Gallery | Day Two Photo Gallery | Day Three Photo Gallery

Award Recipients

Godfaddah: Chris Soro
GodMuddah: Connie Huffman
GoodFellas: Greg McClain, Steve West, Joe Bruce, Boyce Smith, Dave Bennett, Michelle Hankes
Badda Boom Badda Bing: Chamber Staff
Big Dawgs: Ben Pinnell, Chris Flynn, Mara Sunderland, Kathy Johnson, Gary Holloway, Lucy Bowser, Steve Garner, Steve West, Joe Bruce
Sold 4 or More Memberships: Jerome Moon, Darren Stinnett, Phyllis Crisp, Melissa Burns, Tom Hatcher, Steve Stout, Dave Bennett, Mark Loudermilk, Josh Knight, Gaynell Lawson, Barry Brooke, Tab Burkhalter
Best Attendance: The Watermelon Group and the Green Group
Most Enthusiastic: The Watermelon Group
Most Competitive Group: The Watermelon Group
Outrageous Cheatin King: Randy Massey and Dave Bennett
Top Cheatin Group: The Black Group
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