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Join the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and make your business goals a reality. Check out our Tiered Membership to find a level that suits you.

The Membership Director is Jessica Hahn.
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  • Business Organization - As a member, you will receive cooperation and assistance from the most capable firms in the community
  • Publicity and Exposure - Chamber members receive real exposure through our publications, directories, mixers and website listings.
  • New Business Contacts - One major reason to consider active participation with the Chamber is to meet and network new businesses.
  • Representation - The Chamber works as a voice for its members in local and state government.
  • Referrals - Each month, as we receive requests for goods and services, we send them directly to our members.
  • Involvement - Our members MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by working to improve the quality of life and the business environment.
  • New Customers - We support industries and businesses that bring people, employment and a better economy to Blount County.
  • Resources and Assistance - We maintain information and statistics that are shared with individuals interested in promoting business in Blount County.
  • Buy Locally - As a chamber we try to keep the money flowing within the community and make those dollars work for our community.
  • Informed Members - We try to keep our members informed about any and all regional and state issues, either by media articles, newspapers, personal visits, meetings and events.


The Chamber connects you with the people and information you need to thrive and be successful. You have access to more business professionals at our events than you could ever reach by yourself.

  • Taste of Blount
  • Afternoon Mixers
  • Partners & Politics
  • Monthly Coffee Clubs
  • Exclusive VIP events
  • Ambassadors
  • Townsend Fall Festival
  • Women in Business


We know your time is valuable. Even when you can’t be there, we advocate for your business interests and the interests of all of our local business community. With your membership you receive:

  • Staff working every day to make a better business climate, to attend meetings, so you don’t have to and to answer your local government questions
  • Access to transportation and public policy briefings
  • Successful advocacy on issues important to our business community
  • Monitor the regulatory environment
  • Build and maintain infrastructure
  • Increase business community influence, so we can all get more done

Building Small Business

Small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy and this is no different in Blount County. Ninety percent of our members are our small business partners. To assist you and other small businesses, the chamber is host to a variety of programs aimed at building business, such as:

  • Small Business Saturday, Women in Business, Human Resources seminars
  • Seminars and learning opportunities such as Supervisor’s Training, Glenn Shepard HR seminar, Soft Skills, Email marketing, social media, starting a business, exporting and one-on-one business counseling
  • Meeting space rental and online job board


Every thriving community is about growing. Whether it’s recruiting new business, keeping existing industry, bringing in more tourists or group travel to the area, more growth means a more robust economy. The better the economy does, the better you and your family will do. The Chamber partners with the Economic Development Board and the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority to work in these areas:

  • Bringing more tourists to the area. On an average day, visitors to Blount County spend more than $1 million dollars in food, transportation, lodging, retail, entertainment and recreation.
  • It’s in our community’s best interest to recruit more industry and retain our existing companies. Since 2010, over 6,000 new jobs have been created with $2.1 billion in capital investment made in Blount County. This means more disposable income circulating in Blount County which flows down to all businesses.
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