b'Maryville College launches Partnership Advisory CouncilBy Karen B. Eldridge the year to help plan the bi-annual Maryville College Marketingmeetings (one each semester) and & Communications to look for opportunities for the college to collaborate with organi-Guided by a strategic initiative thatzations or initiatives. is summarized under the themeChrissy Newton Brooks, as-Living Our Mission as a Commu- sociate vice president at DeRoyal nity and with Our Community,Industries and a 1999 Maryville Maryville College recently wel- College alumna, is chairing the PAC. comed more than 50 local businessPreviously, she served as chair of the and organization leaders into a newcolleges Business Advisory Board, Partnership Advisory Council (PAC). whose members are now a part ofEvan Ezell worked with Oak Ridge National Laboratories Environmental Sciences division We are extremely excited to be- the larger advisory council. while a MC student.gin working with these individualsWe wantedand neededand are grateful for their willingnessto expand that advisory body tothat reflected real-world needs for to join us in this new initiative, saidinclude a wide variety of commu- graduates and employers, Brooks Dr. Ariane Schratter, professor ofnity sectors that mirror the col- said, adding that Business Advisory psychology and chair of the Col- leges diverse programs, SchratterBoard members were crucial in the leges Strategic Partnerships Groupexplained. development and support of the (SPG), which led the formationBrooks said the initial groupHult Prize competition, the colleges of the PAC. We sincerely believeprovided a strong foundation andnew business analytics degree, and that these relationships will offermodel for the newer PAC. for multiple internships among benefits to both the college and toThe initial concept for the Busi- many business students. Brooks said this region. ness Advisory Board was to alignshe believes the PAC will be crucial According to Schratter, the PAC islike-minded, successful businessfor similar successes in disciplines charged with advising and assist- professionals in the area, alumnibeyond business.ing the college in areas of curricula,and current business students in Each member of the new PAC career development, internshipan effort to foster networking andhas had a positive experienceor and job placements, resourceinternship opportunities, Brooksmanywith the college, she said. provision and promotion. Based onexplained. The goal for the groupIts this energy and continued their areas of expertise or interests,was initially to provide practicaloutreach that will keep Maryville members are assigned to one ofexperiential programs for students.College relevant in todays changing the PACs six curricular subgroups: What we found, however, wasmarket. Who better to understand business, entrepreneurship, infor- once the group grew, the collabora- what the current market demands mation technology, health sciences,tion fostered more than just thoseare for graduates than the employ-regional governance and social andnetworking opportunities. It pro- ers who foster these opportunities?community issues. Select membersvided an opportunity to showcaseI am a firm believer that iron of the colleges faculty, staff andMaryville College business students,sharpens iron, and this groups first student body serve with subgroups,their career aspirations and suc- charter is to do just that.as well. cesses. To partner with Maryville Col-The colleges SPG will workGreater engagement led tolege or for more information, visit closely with the PAC throughoutcurriculum additions and updatesmaryvillecollege.edu/connect.www.BlountPartnership.com 39'