b'similar types of books to the oneskids, says Jessica Rosenblad, were reading or other books bysecond grade teacher at Foothills the same authors. Kids who haveElementary School. Some kids never read much before are nowdont have any books in their into it. Its a neat experience, seeinghouse, so having a book they can them reach deeper and find thatread to or with a parent is a big love of reading.deal to them.Prior to the joint initiative amongthe three school systems, similarALCOA CITY SCHOOLSone-book reads were held withinthe Maryville school system datingOne Book Blitz is a really great back to 2014. That early fund- program that builds a sense of ing came in the form of grantcommunity at school and beyond, money, but thanks to local schoolsays Dr. Mia Evans, library interven-fundraising foundations as well astionist at Alcoa Elementary School. corporate donors, the One BookIt creates a common element for Blitz was able to be implementedeveryone to talk about. The kids countywide. get excited leading up to it, and it gives them opportunities to prac- MARYVILLE CITY SCHOOLStice different skills. One of the biggest things OneBLOUNT COUNTY SCHOOLSBook Blitz offers is the opportunityfor families to read along withIts been amazing to see the par-what their kids are reading atents get involved in reading these school, says Audrey Berry, librar- books with their children, says ian at Foothills Elementary School.Elaine Hurst, K-5 literacy coach for We have a lot of parents whoBlount County Schools. Families want to jump in and help decoratereading together in the evening the schools and try to make literacycan be a positive experience for more meaningful for the kids. kids in so many ways. You can evenIn 2019, penguins were popping up Having ownership of a bookhear them talking about the bookeverywhere in Maryville, Alcoa and Blount is motivating and exciting to theseas they walk into school. County Schools as the One Book Blitz star for that year was Mr. Poppers Penguins.36 Basically Blount 2021'