b'Blitzing with Books: Each year since 2017, the partici- may visit the school to read to thewere required to find a hidden toy pating school systems have beenstudents in person. penguin in each business in order to assigned one book for their K-5The programs interactive naturereceive a stamp and, in some cases, students to read over the course oftranscends the mere absorptionfreebies and discounts. Students one month. The first selection wasof words on a page. In additionwho collected the most stamps Charlottes Web, followed byto reading together, the kids arealso earned recognition from their Charlie and the Chocolate Fac- exposed to a wide range of themedschools. tory and Mr. Poppers Penguins.activities related to each specificThe idea resonates well with For 2020, the title was The Crickettitle. During the reading of Char- our business owners, Anglim says. in Times Square. lottes Web in 2017, for example,Literacy is such an important thingIn all, some 8,500 copies of eachthe students got to interact withthat businesses want to make sure book are distributed to studentsreal pigs and make field trips totheir community and their potential throughout the different systems. local farms. Classrooms are deco- employees have the highest literacy One Book Blitz gets kids excitedrated, foods related to the bookrate possible.about reading by making it anare served in the cafeteria, and oneAnd when you add other One experience they can share withelementary school teacher createsBook Blitz components like open-friends, family and beyond.original artwork that winds up oning and closing ceremonies at each We encourage the older stu- all the kids bookmarks.school and T-shirts for participants dents to read to their younger sib- One Book Blitz also features aof all ages, you begin to get a fuller lings or to their families at home,fun scavenger hunt that encour- sense of how the program is able to says Sharon Anglim, director ofages students and their familiesfoster a love of reading that can last communications for Maryville Cityto connect with their communitya lifetime. Schools. The younger kids mayby getting special book-themedThats at the heart of it, says watch videos of chapters being readcards stamped by participatingElaine Hurst, K-5 literacy coach with by local celebrities on our website,local businesses. In 2019, studentsBlount County Schools. Ive seen or someone from the communityreading Mr. Poppers Penguinsstudents start to show interest in STUDY EVERYTHING. PREPARE FOR ANYTHING.A Maryville College education prepares students for anythingto address the hard problems, to connect with people all over the globe, and to succeed in any career (including the ones that have yet to be imagined). Here, students study everything, explore what interests them, find what drives them, and discover what their greater purpose is.To recruit students for internships or jobs, visit maryvillecollege.edu/connect or call 865.981.8402. MARYVILLECOLLEGE.EDUwww.BlountPartnership.com 35'