b'Clayton Disc GolfRedesign Makes Course a DestinationBy Stefan Cooper Designed by renowned disc golfings. The transition from the wood-architect Daniel Boutte, the sprawl- ed frontside to the more open back Could the Augusta National ofing, 120-acre run includes both thenine is unique to the course and a disc golf be developing in Blountsnew, technical and wooded frontreal showstopper.backyard? nine and an open, more scenic fin- Its just a good mixture of what Its possible. Clayton Disc Golfishing nine. Engineered to appeala golf course can offer, Harris said. Course was opened as 18 holes,to players of all levels, holes comeThe course is manicured like a but an office expansion at Claytonwith baskets for both recreationaltraditional ball golf course. Its im-later required part of the course toand open classes. Average distancemaculate all the time. Parks & Rec be closed. from tee to basket is 400 feet. does a really good job at making That turned into an opportunity.The course gem is the 18thsure both sides are good.Kevin Clayton was introducedfinishing hole, complete with aWhen corporate expansion to the sport and enjoyed it. Thedownhill throw over an all-too- forced the closure of the front nine Clayton Homes CEO funded theinviting creek. holes on the original course two original Clayton Disc Golf CourseA walking/jogging pathway in- years ago, the company kept the next to the companys Maryvilleteracts with the course in spots forremaining nine open for play. With corporate headquarters three yearsa nice cool down after a round. the Clayton-Bradley Academy locat-ago. When the partial course clo- Located on Clayton Road at theed adjacent to the course, demand sure happened, the company wentintersection of Pellissippi Parkwayremained high. Disc golf is one of all-in for the redesign. and East Broadway Avenue, park- the fastest growing sports nation-It will be one of the best discing and location of the first tee onally, with elite professional players courses in the South, said Parksthe course are located adjacent tocapable of commanding six- and & Rec executive director Joe Huff.the Clayton corporate offices. sometimes seven-figure sponsor-They want it to be one of theNo alcohol is allowed on theships.best. That was their goal. It says acourse. The No. 1 player in the world lot about Clayton and their philoso- Boutte designed and landscapedjust signed a $2 million contract, phy. a remarkable course, said KevinHarris said.Clayton Disc Golf celebratedHarris, owner of Blount Disc GolfIntent on staying with the sport, the grand opening for the newretail store. Concrete tee boxesClayton quickly set aside land next course layout in November 2019.blend easily with their surround- to its campus for the new front 30 Basically Blount 2021'