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Upcoming Long Range Mobility Plan Public Meetings

The Long Range Transportation, or Mobility Plan, is the most significant project the Transportation Planning Organization undertakes.  This plan must be multi-modal and identify and integrate an intermodal transportation system and facilities that move people and goods.  As such, the plan addresses several modes of transportation including motorized vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, air, and rail.  The plan provides for our urban area for the next 25 years.

The Knoxville Regional Transportation  Organization (TPO), established in 1977, is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Knoxville Metropolitan Area.  the TPO includes Knox County and the urbanized areas of Blount, Loudon and Sevier counties.  An MPO is a planning agency established by federal law to assure a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative transportation planning and decision-making process for metropolitan areas with more than 50,000 people.

Contact Jeff Welch at Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization to see how you can participate in meetings.

Contact:  Jeff Welch, Director
Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization 

Transportation Committee

The Chamber’s Transportation Committee meets quarterly and as needed at other times throughout the year. Reports are given by the County, the cities and the Transportation Planning Organization to chamber members. The group also helps develop transportation priorities for the Blount Chamber. The group monitors road programs and helps shape transportation policies. The meetings allow chamber members to meet with the city and county leadership to discuss road projects impacting their business.

The group represents many businesses interested in the infrastructure challenges in our community. The meetings are both informative and help coordinate the various road projects in Blount County and the region.


  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Share information gained at the meetings to other businesses
  • Develop transportation priorities for the Blount Chamber to be approved by the Board of Directors
  • Lobby Chamber position to our elected leaders
  • Continue to monitor transportation projects


  • To provide chamber members the latest information about road projects.
  • Develop transportation priorities for our community and lobby Chamber position to local, state and federal elected leadership resulting in project completion of identified road projects


  • Better infrastructure for our community
  • Networking opportunity for you and your company
  • Access to local elected leaders
  • You are involved in shaping our community

For more information on the Chamber’s Transportation Committee contact Tammi Ford.

To sign-up and participate in this committee, complete the Get Involved Form.

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Pellissippi Parkway Completion

Completion of Pellissippi Parkway to Highway 321. (State Issue)
Summary: TDOT proposes to extend and construct Pellissippi Parkway from SR 33 to SR 73 (US 321). The completion of Pellissippi Parkway is approximately 4.4 miles. The project was included in TEA-21 as a high priority project.


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