Maryville City Council: Joe Swann, Tommy Hunt, Tom Taylor, Andy White, Fred Metz

Maryville is a unique community and the Maryville City Government works to maintain that unique character while it readies for the future.

Over the years, Maryville has been led by forward-thinking members of the community, all motivated to improve the quality of life of our citizens for generations to come. Proud of its rich 225 year history, it draws wisdom from the past while it blazes new trails and forms innovative partnerships to offer the best options for our community.

The efficient and prudent approach to resource management has positioned the city to invest in opportunities designed to bring sustainable jobs to its citizens, and provide the best possible schools, services, utilities and parks that benefit our families.

A Council-Manager form of government allows citizens to elect a five-member City Council which directs a professional City Manager to attend to the daily business of the city. The City employs more than 300 people who have dedicated their careers to public service.

Joe Swann was elected to City Council in 1997 and served as Mayor from 2003 – 2008. Swann and his wife Becky have three children Ben, Will and wife Emily, and Tony Ellis and wife Angela; and three grandchildren, Preston, Lonas and Alexander. ?They are members of New Providence Presbyterian Church.

Tommy Hunt was elected to City Council in 2006. He and his wife Carol have three daughters, Julia and husband Trenton Langston, Emily and husband Elijah Bales, and Laura. They are members of First United Methodist Church in Maryville.

Tom Taylor was elected to City Council in 2001 and has served as Mayor since 2008. ?Mayor Taylor and his wife Nan have two children, Robert and wife Katie and Benton and wife Sarah; and two grandchildren, Frank and Wade. They are members of Broadway United Methodist Church in Maryville. 

Andy White was elected to City Council in 2006 and has served as Vice Mayor since 2008. He and his wife Kahren have two children, Sara Kate and Delaney and are members of the First United Methodist Church in Maryville.

Fred Metz has served on City Council since 2008. He was appointed to fill a vacated position in 2008 and was elected in 2010. He and his wife Sophia have two children, Eric and wife Deanna and Ellis and wife Mary Cypress. They are members of New Providence Presbyterian Church.

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