At Hickory Construction we highly recommend all businesses join the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and reap all the benefits of membership of being a part of organization that is so influential and beneficial to this community.
Burke Pinnell
President, Hickory Construction, Inc.

First we went to find someone who would loan us money, and the second thing we did was join the Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who have been around 35 years, you understand how valuable this group has been. For those of you who are new to this group; stay with it.
Chuck Alexander
Hickory Construction

One of the reasons we urge all local businesses to join the Blount Chamber is for relationship-building opportunities, which help local businesses discover resources and solutions for success – and ultimately help our community’s quality of life as well.
Greg Wilson
Regional President-Maryville, First Tennessee Bank

I’ve had a long relationship with the Chamber. That’s how you find out what’s going on in the community. That’s how you can meet people. I credit that with the Chamber.
Joy Bishop

We encourage all businesses – large and small – to realize the tremendous value the Blount Chamber offers members to help grow their businesses and play a visible, meaningful role in this community.
Kevin Painter, AIF
Managing Partner / Wealth Adviser, LeConte Wealth Management

The Blount Chamber sustains the prosperity of our business community – seeking ways to create and protect jobs while building a stable infrastructure and, most importantly, crafting a strategic economic plan for the future.
Mike Brackett
Senior Vice President DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.

I have to say no matter where we go; to a new city or new town, I always say without a doubt, Blount County is the best place to be. It is fun to do business in Blount County and we just want to keep doing more, and more, and more.
Randy Burleson
Aubrey’s Restaurant

I want to say that we have various locations all over the state and this is the only one that the Chamber comes in and says, ‘What can we do to help the Massey Group be better at what they do today?’
Randy Massey
The Massey Group