Tiered Membership

Chamber of Commerce Membership Investment Structure


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It’s all about choice...and improved membership benefits.


After careful consideration by the Blount Partnership’s Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, staff and the membership committee, the Chamber is changing the way members invest. Like many chambers during the past decade, we are moving to a tiered dues system which provides benefits based on the investment level a member selects.


In the past, businesses joined and paid membership dues solely based on the number of employees in their organizations. This criterion is still applied but, in the new structure, members choose the benefits that they want and need, then invest accordingly. The Chamber’s new tiered system provides increased benefits with comparable dues – plus many new benefits, even at the entry level.



You’re probably wondering why the Chamber would make such a change in the way we do business. Why would we adjust our price structure and change our revenue stream? The answer is simple: It guarantees equity and choice when choosing a membership package that is important to your business and is aligned with the Chamber’s mission of developing a robust economic base.


We listened carefully to the benefit requests of our membership and benchmarked similar chamber benefit offerings. We found that most chambers valued different benefits for a variety of reasons. For some, having a voice in advocacy was most important. For others, the ability to network and advertise was paramount. These requests weren’t necessarily based on the size of the business or the number of employees. The “one size fits all” wasn’t working.


The solution was to develop several levels of benefits that matched the membership dues investment.


Increasing Benefits Across All Levels

The Chamber began to consider changing to a different membership structure in 2011 as we benchmarked and learned from other chambers that had made the switch. The staff studied the effects the change would have on the organization and membership.


At the same time, member benefits were scrutinized, evaluated and measured. Some remained or were changed, many were created and others removed altogether.


For example, members can still list their business the Chamber’s website and in the hard copy directory, but we’ve added expanded listings and company profiles at the higher levels. We still have free programs and events for all members plus reduced pricing for other events and programs with your membership.


The Blount Partnership’s Chamber of Commerce has nine membership levels to choose from.


We encourage you to review the new membership levels and maximize your membership benefits

Thank you for supporting our mission to develop a robust economic base!


For more information, please contact:

Jessica Hahn at 865.719.3237 or jhahn@blountpartnership.com


Membership Investment Schedule
Platinum Premier Level $20,000
Premier Level $12,000
Presidential Level $7,500
Chairman Level $5,000
Executive Level $3,250
Visionary Level $2,500
Classic Level $1,500
Partner Level $750
(Not available to businesses with more than 35 employees)
Business Level $350
(Not available to businesses with more than 10 employees)


(Some exclusions apply, but are not limited to the following: advertisements in Basically Blount, Glenn Shepard seminar, and map ads)