6 Basically Blount 2018 – particularly in the form of utility service as well as new access roads and traffic interchanges on Alcoa Hwy. (U.S. 129) – and expects to recoup its investment as the proj- ect becomes profitable. The city and the county stand to benefit down the road from property-tax and sales-tax rev- enues, while the infusion of new retail and commercial businesses will translate into potentially hundreds of new jobs for Blount County workers. In addition to its eclectic appeal as a small-scale city within a city – complete with green areas and entertainment venues – Springbrook Farms’ residential component will include single- family Craftsman- style homes, multi- family units, condominiums and even a senior-living development. “ READYTOWORK Springbrook Farms is a multipurpose development that includes retail, office, hotel, entertainment, single family homes, townhomes, multi-family units and senior-living residences in addition to access to greenway and multi-use trails.