4 Basically Blount 2018 Blount County By Sherri Gardner Howell The default answer when asked what makes Blount County a special place is “the people and the scenery.” There is a panoramic view here that takes your breath away, a vista that revives your soul. Citizenry embrace that Southern charm, hospitality and friendship that makes good neighbors. But, truthfully, this is a beautiful region with good people all around. While Blount is arguably at the prime latitude and longitude, the elevator speech answer isn’t unique to us. So what do we have to say for ourselves beyond the obvi- ous? It isn’t even a hard question! Whether you are a business owner, run a nonprofit, work the line, serve the public or raise and educate the children, you know you live in a spe- cial place. This community is ready on every front, and we’re moving the needle. We are ready to work, with new developments and expansions of our industry leaders. We keep an eye on livability, always looking to attract new people and keep our young talents. We are ready to play, and we enjoy the whole spectra of play- time – balloons, both big and small; hoppy beer and mellow spirits; and festivals that celebrate the history, the music, the arts and crafts and the natural surroundings. We love good food, both Southern and gourmet, and our week can find us enjoying biscuits, gravy and country ham on Friday, cornmeal tempura lobster tails on Saturday and pot roast on Sunday. We are ready to learn, from preschool through college, with excellence in both the private and public school systems. Our educational philosophy is child-centered so opportunities are abundant whether your future holds a PhD in education or a high- level certification in computer tech. We are ready to share our bounty with newcomers, eager to grow our population base and extend that South- ern-born hospitality with oth- ers who will come to love this area as much as we do. So, let’s celebrate and share. We’re ready to soar. CHECKING ALL THE BOXES BASICALLYBLOUNT WE’REREADYTO SOAR