37 www.BlountPartnership.com out” and the excellent customer service. “It’s not just the layout of the terminal that makes it easier to travel from McGhee Tyson,” says Daniels, “but the people who work the counters, support ser- vices and security. Visitors often comment on their dedication to making this airport a safe and friendly place to fly into or out of.” Becky Huckaby, vice president of public relations at Metro- politan Knoxville Airport Author- ity, echoes that sentiment. Says Huckaby, “McGhee Tyson Airport continually works to improve its facility to create an environment where passengers can easily move from the airport parking lot to their gate to board their flight and back to their vehicle when they return home from their trip.” The MKAA staff also makes it a point to listen to customer suggestions, says Huckaby. “We recently opened a second Star- bucks location to provide coffee and light pastries to those guests waiting to pick up their family, friends or colleagues in the lobby of the airport,” she says. “We have had one for passengers once you clear security, but not for those waiting in the termi- nal.” McGhee Tyson is a busy place that continues to grow. In 2016, more than 1.8 million passengers embarked on travel or deplaned at McGhee Tyson, up from 1.7 million in 2015. As of the end of October 2017, the number had already hit more than 1.6 million, with two busy travel months still to go. Progress has been monumental in 80 years. Joining United at the airport now are Delta, Allegiant, American and Frontier (season- ally). This gateway airport boasts 20 nonstop flights, with a good mix of destination travel – such as Las Vegas, Denver, Washington D.C. and four cities in Florida – and hub cities to get you where you want to go stateside or inter- nationally, including New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Charlotte. And, in a time where air travel is normally anything but easy, Blount Partnership CEO Bryan Daniels says what he most often hears about McGhee Tyson Air- port is the ease of getting “in and Tac Air Caters to Customer Needs At McGhee Tyson, the fixed-base operator (FBO) for the region is TAC Air, an organization that pro- vides aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction and similar services. TAC Air joined the family in Blount County in 2005 as the na- tional company’s 11th operation. That number has now grown to 14 sites all across the country. Charter Flight Group, a full-service aircraft group with 30 years of private aviation experi- ence, has this to say about TAC Air and McGhee Tyson Airport on their company website: “McGhee Tyson Airport also houses ones fixed based opera- tor – TAC Air – which provides fuel and airport services to commercial carriers to attend to the requirements of the general aviation industry. This includes military aviation, corporate avia- tion, private charter flights, flight schools and even individuals who fly planes as a hobby. McGhee Tyson Airport is definitely one of the most convenient and acces- sible airport in the United States, and clients who plan to charter a private plane in and out of Knox- ville, Tennessee, can be sure to find convenience and satisfaction in their flight.” TAC Air offers services for all segments of aviation, including general aviation, military and government and commercial air carriers. In Blount County, those services include Avgas and Jet-A fuel, pilot and customer lounge with high-speed wireless internet access, complimentary crew cars and rental cars on-site, catering, overnight and extended stay hangar space and tie-downs, full service avionics and maintenance, de-icing and limo service.