34 Basically Blount 2018 The glow around East Tennessee is definitely orange. In Blount County, however, that Vol Love felt by many graduates of the University of Tennessee in neigh- boring Knoxville is tinged with a proud spot of garnet. When one of the south’s best liberal arts colleges is right downtown, who wouldn’t enjoy a ceilidh dance and feel the call of the bagpipes stir the blood? The Maryville College Scots are a big part of Blount County pride – from the sports arena to cultural offerings to community service to the excellence in academics that are all a part of Maryville Col- lege’s programming. Committed to the liberal arts and four-year undergraduate experience, the college is known for not only a rigorous academic program but for the personaliza- tion the school offers its students. Service is an integral part of a Maryville College experience, and the focus on campus reaches from the local level to national and global communities. Most Maryville College students are actively engaged in some form of volunteer service, reinforcing the college’s goal of shaping student life inside and outside of the classroom. The college is also known for its dedication to partnerships with others, which includes the busi- ness and philanthropic entities in Blount County. Two examples of the college’s dedication to the community are found in the Center for Community Engage- ment and Career Center, both of which help faculty and staff build and maintain relationships with external businesses, organizations and individuals that lead to in- ternships and other opportunities for students. The two centers are integral in the Maryville College Works pro- gram, a step-by-step developmen- tal curriculum that gets specific – from student career goals to the needs of businesses in a complex world. The program integrates career preparation for today’s job market with a liberal arts education. The highlight of the program is a “significant practi- cal experience” requirement, which students can fulfill through internships, high-level research, study abroad, service-learning and artistic performances, de- pending on their career goals. For example, Alex Willard, class of 2017, worked as a tax and accounting intern at LeConte Wealth Management during the spring of his senior year. The following fall, he was offered a job with the firm as a planning associate. “As a full-time em- ployee at LeConte, my roles have greatly expanded,” he says. “I have gained greater responsibility for the upcoming tax season and Maryville College Excelsin Student-Business Partnerships READYTOLEARN