31 www.BlountPartnership.com By Sherri Gardner Howell Maryville Christian School has a 24-year history as a private, inter- denominational Christian school, but they aren’t finished growing. Nestled on a 31 acre campus in Blount County, the school has a commitment to partnering a strong academic experience with a biblical worldview. Growth plans are to add four classes by August, and development plans include a gymnasium and a second soccer field in the near future. Kris Schottleutner, head administrator, has a leadership team that includes Robin Adams, preschool and elementary prin- cipal, and Ruth Brakebill, middle and high school principal. “Much of our strength as a school comes from our partnerships with Chris- tian families,” says Schottleutner. “We know that staff, teachers and families are all following the same principles. At Maryville Christian, we look for a balance in what we do – academics, athletics and fine arts – and that leads to a well-rounded, strong experience for our students.” The curriculum of MCS is primarily a college preparatory program. Subjects reflect rele- vance to contemporary issues and a Christian worldview. “Because of our smaller size, we are able to focus on the needs of the stu- dents,” says Schottleutner. “We have a traditional approach with a lot of collaboration across the entire academic program.” Service learning is an important part of the student experience at MARYVILLECHRISTIANSCHOOL: Strong Academics With Biblical Worldview MCS, says Brakebill. “We incor- porate community and mission projects into our curriculum, and it is all relatable to what they are learning at school.” The school uses the ACT Col- lege Readiness Benchmarks as their guide, giving them the abil- ity to adjust the curriculum and challenge the students to know what colleges and career profes- sionals are looking for, says Brake- bill. Every grade level focuses on science, technology, engineering and math, says Adams. The school offers high school honors classes, dual enrollment college classes and ACT Aspire testing. Athletics and the arts are also part of the complete MCS experience. “Maryville Christian offers not only a progressive learning environment but a safe and nurturing atmosphere for our students,” says Schottleutner.