24 Basically Blount 2018 Sit at a table set with fine china and silky tablecloth or one with plastic cutlery and checkboard oilcloth, and you can find great local tastes. And the local flavor doesn’t stop with food: There are good brews – coffee, beer and wine – to be found here, too. When it comes to brews, nothing gets a body started like Vienna Coffee. The Blount busi- ness began with John Clark, a chemical engineer and “tree-hug- ger” turned coffee roaster. After establishing himself as a one of the nation’s premier craft roast- ers, John expanded his roastery and opened Vienna Coffee House to compliment the business. The Coffee House is always a lively stop, filled with business people, college students and just about anyone in need of a good “cuppa.” For something with a little more kick, have a brew of a dif- ferent vintage. The craft beer brewing business is alive and well in Blount County, with Roy Milner at Blackberry Farm Brewery set- ting the standard. The brewery team at Blackberry began produc- ing beer in 2011, selling to guests and a few select restaurants in the Southeast. Now in 36 states and in a larger production facility in Maryville, the brewery teamed with Brew Hub of Lakeland, Fla., in July of 2017 to expand to introduce a line of canned craft beers. READYTOEAT