18 Basically Blount 2018 3 Mile 2 Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 Mile 4 Mile 0 Mile Marker Greenbelt Park Richard Williams Park Legend (865) 983-9244 4th Edition Foothills Elementary Sam Houston Elementary Maryville High School William Blount High School Maryville College Maryville Little League John Sevier Elementary School Alcoa Elementary School Alcoa High School Alcoa Middle School N. Wright Road Foothills Mall Robert C. Jackson Dr. William Blount Dr. To Pearson Springs Park Maryville Intermediate Future Trail Centers Future Trails Fishing Pier Greenway Trail Volleyball P e l l i s s i p p i Parkway E. Broadway Everett Athletic Complex Founders Park Plaza Cate s St. Miller Ave. Rock Gardens Park Hamilton Crossing U S 129 U S 129 U S 411 U S 321 U S 321 U S 411 City of Alcoa Municipal Building .08 Mile Loop To St.Ives City of Alcoa Pedestrian Bridge Topside Road Bassell Courts Please note: Map is not to scale Burchfield 1 Mile Heritage Middle School Heritage High School Coulter Grove Intermediate School Singleton Park Knox/Blount County Regional Greenway Eagleton Little League 4 Mile 5 Mile The means of getting back to nature is never very far away in Blount County. The Maryville-Alcoa Greenway is a nine-mile trail that connects Alcoa and Maryville, looping and winding through the cities and featuring everything from pathways, pools, pavilions and sports fields. An added enhancement is the Townsend Bicycle Trail that runs parallel to Hwy. 321 in Townsend, from the Walland Highway bridge to Potleg Hill Road. It is approximately nine-miles long with three underpasses for easy crossing of the highway. Walkabout DOING A READYTOPLAY