Procurement Opportunities

I am glad the members only section on the Chamber website has a place for local manufacturers to post their needs for services, suppliers and/or vendors. As slow as things are in this economy every contact or lead is worth checking out. I contacted one of the businesses on that list, had a meeting and am now doing business with that company. If it had not been for that list on the Chamber Website I would have missed a good opportunity.


Jacquilla L. S. Gillette, CPBD
Razor's Edge Engineering, Inc.



Top Employers List


Contact purchasing representatives from larger area companies to find out their vendor selection process.



City of Alcoa

Contact: Steve Hillis

City of Maryville

Contact: David Morton

Pellissippi State

Contact: John Clark


Blount Memorial Hospital

Contact: Rob Storey
Blount Memorial Hospital works diligently to procure products and services in the most beneficial way for the hospital and its patients. Blount Memorial Hospital strives to conduct the purchasing function in a manner that supports the policies and procedures of our institution and ethical practices of the public purchasing profession, organization contractual obligations are given first consideration. Blount Memorial Hospital uses Chamber member companies when at all possible, trying to keep business in our local community. Upon identification of the need of a particular service or product. Blount Memorial Hospital will send out bid letters to potential sources.



Do Business With Local Manufacturers


Want to do business with Manufacturers? Several of our Local manufacturers have posted their supplier and vendor need with contact information.


Axis Fabrication & Machine Shop

Company Produces: Custom manufacturer of machined, engineering sheet metal, welded and fabricated products.
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Powder Coating
         Industrial Plating 
Contact: James Lewis 

Boatmate Trailers, LLC

Company Produces: Boat Trailers
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Steel Tube
         Steel Flat Bar
         LED Lighting
         Eng. Wiring Harness
         Hydraulic Line, Hose, Oil
         Wheels & Tires
         Steel & SS Fenders
         ABS Tube & Fender Pads
Contact: Ron Miller

Brozelco, Inc.

Company Produces: Custom built Electrical Products, Neumatic Products and General Products; Integrating and Contracting.
Contact: Angela Disney  

Chroma Inc.

Company Produces: Automotive Accessories
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Domed Items
         Corrugated Suppliers
         Plastics-Mold & Injected
         Stamped Metal
Contact: Nikki Hayes 

DCS Electronics

Company Produces: Controls & Instrument Systems, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrications
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Metal Distributors
         Fasteners/Hardware for Assembly
         Powder Coating Supplies
         Welding Supplies
Contact: Chris Combs

Donaldson Company

Company Produces: Refrigerant/Desiccant Dyers Schillers
    Suppliers and Services Needed:  
         Copper Tube 1/4 to 5" Processes
         Control Box Assembly
         Inventory Management
         HVAC Tools Supplies
Contact: Tom Pruse

G & T Industries

Company Produces: Fabricated Foam
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Freight Carriers
         Packaging Materials
Contact: Janice Effler

Keisler Engineering, Inc.

Company Produces: Transmission-Automotive & Marine & System Components Modern Technology, 5D Scanning, Engineering Services-Design, ProType, Production-Assembly or Systems
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Machine - CNC, Mill, Grinding
         Fab Shop - CNC Brake & Weld Shop
         Laser Cutting - Flying Head
         Powder Coating
         Stamping Rapid Proto
Contact: Shafi Keisler

Koide Tennessee, Inc.

Company Produces: Custom cut-to-length clod drwan steel for automotive use
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Industrial Tooling          
         Consumable Products
         Safety Equipment
         Industrial Fluids
         Aluminum Tube
         Cold Drawn Steel Tube
         Heat Treatment Service
         Electrical Service
         Material Handling Equipment
Contact: Mr. Yoshida 

Polymore Circuit Technologies

Company Produces: Distributes Printed Circuit Boards & Printed Circuit Boards w/Polymore Thick Film Mnf
Contact: Duane Fuller

Signet Plastics

Company produces: Custom Injection Molded Plastic Parts commonly known as Custom Injection Molder
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Tool Makers
         Tool Designers
         Companies capable of making protype parts
         Protypes from plastic or metal
         Designers for plastic parts
Contact: Paulette Summey

Smiths Detection

Company Produces: X-Ray Machines
Contact: Chap Kincaid  

Smoky Mountain Metal Arts

Company Produces: Metal Art, Wrought Iron Fencing, Gates
    Suppliers and Services Needed:    
         Bolts & Nuts
         Electronic Operating Equipment
         Welding Equipment
Contact: John Entrekin 

Standard Aero Alliance, Inc.

Company repairs Aircraft Engines
    Suppliers and Services Needed:
         Shop Supplies
         Mailing Supplies
         Office Supplies
         Welding Supplies
         Electronic Storage
         Shipping Supplies
         Landscape Services (including mowing)
Contact: Toni Giannoti 



County Bid List 

The County Bid List can be found here on the Blount County Government Website.